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If Guidelines has made a difference in your life we would love to hear from you. Please write us a note in the “Comments” field below.

If you are a radio listener would you tell us what station you listen to Guidelines on?

If one of our books have touched you, would you let us know which one?

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    I am from Liberia west Africa.
    I listen to this program by radio, & that radio station is Eternal Love winning Africa (E.L.W.A.) 94.5 FM for the past 12 years, and it has help me face all of the present days realities in the world and my country in particular. How could I be guided on a day to day events without this program? I love the series DIFFICULT PEOPLE May God give you more wisdom & time to impart the world for time are evil. God blessed your ministry.

  2. Luke L Thompson Jr

    Dear Dr. Sala, As I lay dozing on the bed taking the afternoon nap which really keeps me going at age 80, today I heard your reference to Henry Drummond and I was instantly wide awake. I have had that beautiful little book for about fifteen years now. It came in a scuffed up little orange slipcase – and it is just magnificent! Henry Drummond, like you, was a great Christian, and I treasure this little book deeply. Than you for your daily five minute programs. I hear them over the BBN network, FM 90.3, WYPB in Ft. Lauderdale. Thank you and God Bless you. I’ll be listening. Luke Thompson.

  3. Kathy Otter

    Congratulations Dear Dr Sala and Darlene
    Thank You! Blessed 50th Anniversary! Guidelines is a blessing to me and my family. We listen to you on KHCB Houston, Texas.
    May our Lord and Savior continue to bless you as you serve Him, and Keep Him Close By.

  4. Jewel Spring

    Happy 50th anniversary, i was just driving home listening to KHCB Houston when i heard you are celebrating your 50th years anniversary of broadcasting your 5 minute radio program Guidelines. I want to bless the Lord on your behalf for this wonderful ministry God has prospered all this years and he will continue to prosper till eternity. Guidelines is my early morning spiritual tonic i take when i drive my kids to school. Your program also always make me know the time while am driving – that is how i know its 7.05am. May God continue to bless you, your wonderful wife and this ministry in Jesus name. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Trina Tempongko-Ortega

    Dear Harold Sala and the Guidelines Team,

    My husband and I have been listening to your program here in Manila since we were newly married. We are now approaching our 14th year of marriage and we are still listening to your program. We chanced upon your 5-minute commentary one dreary morning on our way to work. We were in the midst of a crisis at the time, mainly financial. Your program gave us hope and helped us focus on what is truly important in our lives, that is, our relationship with God. We discovered that once we surrendered our lives to God, we became happier, more productive and successful in our lives. We are fortunate to be able to share our blessings with others, which includes sharing your program with family and friends. God bless you and your team! May you continue to touch more lives, as you have touched ours.

  6. Jacquie Chevalier

    From: Wil and Jacquie Chevalier

    We are so fortunate to have people like Harold and Darlene
    pour God’s love and kindness into our lives. These genuine friends and mentors
    are what people really need in life, and we are blessed beyond measure (for
    more than thirty years now) to have them encourage us along life’s journey.

    If you know Darlene and Harold, you’ll certainly agree that
    their lives clearly reflect godly living, family values, sharing what they
    have, and caring for others. Over the years, we have felt their love and
    support through difficult times as well as through special times of
    celebration. They have always been in our corner, modeling fearless enthusiasm
    and boundless energy wherever God calls them to go.

    It’s not always easy to keep up with Harold. It seems like
    the Lord has blessed him with a measure of fervent energy most people just do
    not possess. Darlene is a phenomenal woman! Having worked with her over the
    years, we have found that she speaks words of wisdom and healing into the lives
    of people. Both of their lives clearly reflects God’s love to a broken and
    fractured world in need of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you, Harold and Darlene, for modeling so many good
    character qualities like godliness, love, integrity, responsibility, kindness,
    gratitude, forgiveness, commitment, and genuine compassion for hearts and souls
    around the world.

    With Love & Gratitude,

    Wil & Jacquie Chevalier

  7. Woody

    Dear Harold & Darlene; Thanks for all the blessings, knowledge, and joy you have added to my life for the 40+ years I have listened to you on KHCB on 105.7 here in Houston. I’m laughing at seeing several of my companion listeners to KHCB have already posted their thanks and joy you have blessed them as well. I help with the monthly “envelope stuffers” and it’s just a little taste of what it will be like when we arrive at our final home!
    “What a day of rejoicing that will be” when we are surrounded by each other and surrounding our Precious Savior in praise and joy forever!

  8. Eddie McNeil

    Congratulations on 50 years of radio ministry. I found your commentary several years ago on 105.7 KHCB in Houston and have enjoyed listening on my way to work in the mornings. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always insightful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and observations which cause us to think, brighten our day and create a feeling of family through the radio. May God continue to bless your ministry for decades to come, should Christ tarry.

  9. Pat Locks

    your encouraging words and timely messages continue to not only warm my heart, but I glean from what you say. I jot it down, share with others and use it in my daily living. I thank Our God for you and your family as you continue to serve Him through your words. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  10. Rosa Manzanares

    I listen to your commentary— Monday thru Friday— as I head to work…… It is something that fills my heart up with JOY… Those commentaries always seem to touch my heart in one way or another. I moved to HOuston 7 years ago… and NEVER had I had an opportunity to ENJOY a radio station as much as i ENJOY 105.7 Houston— I listen to it on the weekends as much as possible— I even print and email some of the commentaries and share them with my co-workers. Congratulations to you and your wife—for your wonderful, hard laboring job of love— I know 50 is easily said…but not easy to REACH–especially being faithful to the LORD as I am sure you and your family have been. You ARE a blessing when you TALK your voice sounds so sincere—that is impossible to not want to listen to your commentaries!! May God bless you richly and continue to bless you with lots of health, love and PEACE always!! Thank you, thank you…and PRAISE the LORD!!!

  11. Jennifer Johnson

    Congratulations on 50 years of great services through Guidelines. I first started listening to Guidelines over three years ago when a local Christian Radio station I had listened to for years was going off the air. I was devastated about their departure and thought how do I ensure I stay connected as I drive into the office each day. Then one day the Lord led me to 105.7 (Houston, Texas) and Dr. Sala was speaking and the rest has been history. Dr. Sala your messages have challenged me to seek to be better for Christ each and every day. They have also encouraged my spirit when life hits hard. In God’s divine way your messages always connects to my current circumstance and brings relief to my soul and give me hope for tomorrow. Thank you for being obedient to God over 50 years ago because of your obedience my life has been impacted and changed for the better in Christ! Congratulations and thanks for all that you do!

  12. Don Thompson

    Congratulations Harold and Darlene on your 50th anniversary of sharing the gospel, growing believers and demonstrating God’s love around the world, all in the name of Jesus Christ through Guidelines. Karolyn and I consider it a great blessing and priveledge to have traveled with you where we have gained great spiritual insight. We praise God for your ministry and friendship.

  13. William Armerding

    You started out on my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary but we have only gotten to know you in more recent years. They would have reached 80 today. We have been blessed with common interest in places such as Donetsk Christian University and through contact over the years. I am today at the Evangelical Theological Faculty Doctoral Colloquium in Leuven, Belgium, where men from Ukraine such as Taras Dyatlik are pursuing their Ph.D. degrees. We even share the fact of a replaced knee which is working well.
    God continues to bless both of us for which we thank him. Happy annniversary.

  14. Gary Mezack

    Guidelines TEAM – Your Guidelines are part of my start-up each day. Those words of wisdom continue to shape my character through my submission to God’s word. Those words edify me and assist me in my discovery of the face of God. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    Lord willing after a thousand miles we will see you at the 50th.

  15. Ed Wright

    My life would not be the same without your mentoring and teaching. You never gave up on me and loved me even when I was not so loveable. You have touched so many lives, yet the people you have touched the most are the people who are closest to you. You are the most humble, energetic, godly, and inspirational person I have ever known. I must also mention you are a blast to be around.

  16. Gary Hoffman

    Dear Dr. Sala, I first met you back in the 60’s when you were my Acts of the Apostles professor. I don’t get to hear you every day on your radio broadcast. However, I do get your daily emails and pick up your daily commentary. Your messages are always timely and extremely encouraging. May God continue to bless you in your ministry. Congratulations!

  17. Harold Sala

    HI Lilian, thank you for your kind words. If you get to the book fair (wish I could be there, too) look for THE PARENT MAP, my newest book. God bless and use you. Harold Sala

  18. Will and Joanie

    As new believers we faithfully listened to you on WCRF in Cleveland Ohio. Never in a million years did we imagine that we would not only meet you, but that you both would comfort, counsel and encourage us 25 years later as we served as missionaries in the Philippines. And then to have you serve with us in our prison ministry with ACTION Int’l in Manila was certainly the hand of God in all our lives. Thank you for caring and coming and being grace-givers to all. Thank you for serving with HIs grace and strength and never quitting or giving up on people. You are an inspiration to us and so many others. Because you came, our lives have been changed and our ministry continues. Congratulations dear friends.

  19. Lilian Postrado

    Dear Dr. Sala, I wrote you a short but expressive letter last Saturday yet, but not being a techie, had a hard time sending it. After a few tries, my letter got “lost” and I wasn’t sure if it got delivered. Anyway, will try to recall what I wrote in that letter and resend it.
    Congratulations and thank you for 50 years of “reaching, teaching and touching lives”. Your 5-minute commentaries over DZFE 98.7 were like manna from heaven…filling spiritual hunger, sustaining, enlightening, uplifting, enriching, encouraging…and always, always, helping point the right way. I am blessed and privileged to have been able to listen to your program for more than 10 of those 50 dedicated years. I pray that you and Darlene continue to be blessed so that others may be blessed through your ministry. Maraming, maraming salamat po!
    PS Thank you, too, for a copy of “What You Need to Know About Healing”. I will consider this autographed book as a tangible link to you. Am thinking of buying more copies at the Manila International Book Fair this September to give away to friends. Your sister in Christ.

  20. Marta Goodrich

    Dear Dr. Sala, I just wanted to write to tell you I enjoyed your message this Sunday the 1st. It was so good that you told people what the lies of Satan are so that they can recognize those voices in their head. I am going to post the list on facebook. God bless you and your wife and keep plodding on and know your reward is great in heaven. Thanks for sharing your joy. In Jesus, Marta Goodrich

  21. Donna Carlaw

    Dear Harold and Darlene,
    Congratulations! What a marvelous testimony of God’s grace you are.
    Love to you,
    Donna L. Carlaw

  22. Laura Grace Hampton

    Dear Dr. Sala ~ I have
    listened to you many mornings at 7am on 105.7fm Houston, TX (88.7fm Kerrville, TX),
    KHCB Christian radio, since 1987. When I travel, I take you and KHCB with me on
    my smartphone. You contributed greatly to my becoming a born again believer, and
    my growth through the years as a believer. You and your beautiful wife have
    lived a purpose filled life which has influenced millions of people to accept
    and live with Christ as their Savior. We all Praise God for you. I pray you
    both will live many more happy, healthy lives working in your ministry, because
    people need your wisdom and knowledge every day. You change lives.

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