Slava and Valeria Grin

Grin FamilySlava and Valeria Grin have ministered for 15  years above the Arctic Circle, a land of extreme weather conditions and great poverty.  Because of these physical conditions many people are depressed and turn to alcohol.  Pastor Slava is responsible for several local churches and visits reindeer teams who live in surrounding areas.  Valeria has organized children’s camps and taught Sunday School.

Slava and Valeria relocated to Yekaterinburg, Russia to work with the Roma people.  There are five “Gypsy Villages” of Yekaterinburg, all hotbeds of the narcotics trade.  Out of fear, Russian churches and believers generally refuse to minister to the Romas, who often engage in occult practices.  Slava regularly travels back to the Artic to encourage former church plants.  He also pastors a Russian church in Yekaterinburg which began with small groups in the Grin home and how now grown to Sunday worship in a rented facility, children’s ministry, youth camps, family conferences and an orphanage ministry.