The Ukraine comprises a geographical area slightly smaller than the state of Texas. It is sandwiched between the Black Sea, Poland, and Russia. The climate varies with the locale from temperate Mediterranean on the coast, to colder inland, and hot in the south. The lowest elevation is sea level, rising to 6,600’ at Hora Hoverla. The terrain is mostly fertile plains, with some mountains in the west and south.

Ukraine Population

The population of Ukraine is nearly 45 million people, with nearly 36% under 24 years old, and 29% over 55 years old. The median age is 40 years old. The population is shrinking at -0.625%. The moderate birth rate of 9.6 births per 1,000 population, is offset by the mortality rate of 15.8 deaths per 1,000 population, and the net migration of -0.08 per 1,000 population. 69% of the population lives in urban areas.

Ukraine Living Conditions

  • Medical care is within reach of Ukranians living in urban areas, There are 3.1 doctors for every 1,000 people (versus the U.S. with 2.3 doctors for every 1,000 people).
  • Only 3% of the urban and 10% of the rural population lives without improved sanitation facilities.
  • Risk of disease from waterborne and vectorborne sources is low.
  • Literacy is high with 99.7 % of the population over 15 years old being able to read and write. The average time spent in school is 15 years.

 Ukraine Economy

  • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $7,600 per capita. Income is not as skewed as some countries. The top 10% of earners account for 22% of consumption, while the bottom 10% account for 4.2% of consumption.
  • 35% of the population lives below the poverty line.
  • 14.9% of the under 24 year old population is unemployed, while unemployment for the population as a whole averages 8.5%.
  • The annual inflation rate is 2.0%.

Guidelines Ministry

Guidelines has been involved in ministry in Ukraine since 1997. Read more about the ministries Guidelines supports in Ukraine: Alexander Moseychuk and the Good Shepherd Children’s Shelter.