Pastor Alexander Moseychuk (New Life Church, Donetsk)

MoseychuckAlexander Moseychuk has been serving as pastor of the New Life Church in Donetsk since 2004.  The church has a tremendous outreach into the community through youth conference, English classes, marriage seminars and discipleship groups.   He also ministers at the local state schools in Makeyevka, teaching Christian Ethics classes, speaking to parents at school meetings and visiting families.  They also have an outreach with the Blind Society, sharing the Gospel  and providing meals.  Other ministries include hospice visits, operating an orphanage, and working with teenagers and their parents.

Amidst the bitter winter and political unrest of 2014, the Moseychuks have begun a daily feeding program in a tent on church property.  “Every day up to 50 people  come to our church to get meals and have hot tea. At the same time we use that opportunity to tell people about God’s love and invite them to our church service,” Alex explains.  “Our ministry to God is going on. We are praying hard for Ukraine and ask you to continue to do this.”