Can a Destructive Culture Be Changed in Central Asia?

Kyrgyzstan Mountains

In Central Asia, deep-seated cultural traditions are hurting women and tearing families apart. But the message of Jesus is bringing restoration and transformation.

Casting Light on Central Asia

Central Asia sits between Russia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. While a lot of attention goes into these other regions, Central Asia goes unnoticed, and therefore neglected when it comes to Christian resources.

What is Central Asia? Think of all the “-stan” countries. Guidelines is currently sharing the message of Jesus in Kyrgyzstan, and we have an incredible opportunity to expand into Kazakhstan.

A Dark Tradition of Abuse

Dark Tradition of Abuse

Countries like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are plagued by age-old destructive practices. One of these is “bride kidnapping,” in which a man and his friends grab a woman on the side of a road, throw her into a van, and drive to his home to force her into marriage. The practice is illegal, but is rarely punished due to deep cultural norms. Domestic abuse is also widespread, but goes unreported due to fear.

A New Faith That Needs Support

New Faith Needs Support

Islam is the dominant religion in both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, with a small Christian minority. Since atheism was forced under Soviet rule up until the end of the Cold War, Christianity is new in these countries. Christians lack the resources to know how to live out their new faith.

You can Change Hearts and Cultures in One Generation

In Kyrgyzstan, people are listening to Guidelines devotionals consistently and aligning their lives with God. And we have an opportunity to begin reaching people in Kazakhstan. But it will require great faith and unwavering commitment.

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