Video: Why Devotionals?

Every day, people are bombarded with messages. But there is only one that gives life: the message of Jesus. He is the hope we want to share with the world, and we’re doing that through devotional. Our devotionals… Are inspirational and give people hope Are practical so they apply to anyone Are biblical so people …

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Your Impact in 2018

2018 was an incredible year of God moving His kingdom forward! Thanks to your faith, prayers, and generosity, people around the world were impacted by the love of Jesus.

Radio (Still) Reaches Them

In today’s technologically advanced world of the internet, smartphones, and artificial intelligence, radio may seem like an outdated medium. But this tool has been one of the most significant means of advancing the Gospel. It continues to be effective today. Radio was revolutionary because it allowed messages to be broadcast instantly to masses of people …

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7-Day Marriage Challenge FREE DOWNLOAD!

It’s February but all thoughts of your marriage may not lead to love!  Learn how to connect again with Dr. Sala’s free 7-day devotional (PDF), Making Marriage Work. Click here to download    

Why Radio is So Effective!

One radio can touch many lives. In many areas of the world, a radio is considered a prized possession. And in places like these, a single radio is often shared by as many as 25 people. Radio is safe. In places where persecution, geographical barriers, and cultural biases prevent people from attending church, radio provides …

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