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Kyrgyzstan: Muslims Take a Long Journey to Jesus

Listening to devotionals consistently is important for those who are still on their journey to faith. In Kyrgyzstan, we broadcast our devotionals on the radio every day. They help new Christians grow in their faith, but also help atheists and Muslims come to salvation.

Look at this message from Ainura in Kyrgyzstan:

“I am a Muslim woman; I read the Quran and recite my prayers. In spite of all this there is no peace in my soul. I met some followers of Isa Masikh (Jesus Christ). I really would like to know more about this Prophet. Your thoughts that there is some kind of salvation in Isa seems to make good sense. I am looking forward to hearing more.”

Even though Ainura is a Muslim, she still listens to Guidelines devotionals. The more she learns about Jesus, the more she is drawn in and continues to listen. That’s why it’s so important to continue broadcasting our programs daily – each one takes her one step closer to salvation.

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