Quietly Hearing the Gospel in a Taxi Cab in Turkey

Quietly Hearing the Gospel in a Taxi Cab in Turkey

For two years, you’ve helped us share the hope of Jesus in Turkish through our partner, Radio Shema. Our team had the opportunity to visit with them in the capital city of Ankara.

While riding in a taxi with Rabia, a Radio Shema host, we suddenly realized that the taxi driver was listening to Radio Shema! As Rabia spoke with the driver, he recognized her voice from the radio and told her how much he loves her program.

“Do you listen to Pusula (Guidelines for Living) also?” she asked.

“Yes, I do!” he replied. “People are getting divine peace through listening to your programs. This is the only station that touches the soul in a refreshing and life-giving way.

This man is in transition from Islam to faith in Christ. He is coming step by step, as many Muslims do, by hearing truth day after day, often listening privately. This is the power of Christian radio in the Islamic world.

Through that divine appointment in a taxi cab, God briefly pulled back the curtain to show us His kingdom powerfully advancing in Turkey. We got a small glimpse of the abundant harvest from the prayers and donations that you’ve planted.

Thousands more in Turkey are quietly listening to our Guidelines programs as God speaks to their souls. You can ensure that those in transition towards Jesus continue to hear His life-giving words.

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