Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 5:10

Rita El-Mounayer is a small but powerful woman.  She heads SAT-7, the satellite TV network that blankets the Middle East and North Africa with hope in Christ.  Viewers interact with the network and the programming serves as a huge source of encouragement for believers living under persecution. One woman wrote the network saying, “You are our only source of fellowship—just watching the screen.  When I see you SAT-7 people, I will bow down and wash your feet for all that you are doing for the church here.”

But, says El Mounayer, the persecuted church has a message for those of us who are not living under the daily threat of death for following Jesus.  “Persecution is a crown we wear on our heads every single day,” says one Algerian viewer.  “Don’t take it away from us,” he implores.  To their persecutors, he says, “You are closing our churches, but you can never close our hearts to the love of God.”

“The biggest problem in the middle east is not war, but hopelessness.  If you tell them about the love of God,”[1] Mounayer explains, they will listen.

Here are ways you can pray for fellow Jesus-followers living under persecution:

Pray for the 200,000 Palestinian Christians throughout the Middle East
Pray for the 1.7 million Christians in Lebanon who are targeted by Hezbolah
You can also pray for the radio partners fearlessly broadcasting Guidelines’ programs in countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

As James 5:17 instructs us, let’s pray one for another!


Resource reading: 1 Peter 4:12-14

[1] Mounayer, Rita, National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Media Awards Luncheon, June 21, 2021, Grapevine, TX.