August 24, 2021

An Invitation To An Illogical Life


As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.” Romans 10:11

Have you ever thought that having faith just doesn’t really make sense?  If so, you’re not alone.  The Bible itself contains stories of people whose faith directed them to do seemingly illogical things.

Take Peter’s story, for example.  Peter was a fisherman by trade. (See Luke 5) He had been fishing all night with no luck when Jesus told him to go out into the deep water and lower his nets in broad daylight!  Any fisherman knows that fish feed less and are more able to detect nets in daylight. Nevertheless, Peter soon hauled in a record catch.

Sometimes faith in God leads us into unconventional circumstances that might seem like a waste of time and energy. The whole idea of prayer, in which we often ask God for divine intervention, runs contrary to human logic. That’s why prayer is often sadly our last resort – we’ve tried every conventional thing we can think of before asking for unconventional help.

We human beings are obsessed with things “making sense” to us.  Yet there will always be some disconnect between what we see and God’s providence. Trusting a God who does the unbelievable, unnatural, and divine out of love for us is hardly a disadvantage.

On the contrary, Scripture says that those who place their trust in God will never be ashamed. I hope you’ll ask God for a humanly “illogical” solution to needs you’re facing today.  Far better than our limited logic is God’s seemingly crazy love and provision for us.


Resource reading: Luke 5:1-11