From Trash To Treasure - Guidelines Devotional

From Trash To Treasure

Encouraging Words
August 19, 2019

Once in a while there is a commercial on television that truly catches my attention--instead of merely irritating me because it interrupted the program I was watching. An ad like that recently showed a woman taking the broken pieces of a beautiful blue and white vase that no doubt had been a favorite. She glued the pieces onto a glass vase in such a way that she created a lovely new pattern.  Then she filled in the spaces with paint as if it were grout. A bouquet of fresh flowers completed the remake of this piece of art. Honestly, I don’t remember what she was advertising, but I was impressed with the way she turned a broken treasure into something new and lovely.

In Isaiah 61 there’s a prophecy that says that one day the ruins of this world will be restored:

“They'll rebuild the old ruins….

They'll start over on the ruined cities,

take the rubble left behind and make it new” (Isaiah 61:4 MSG).

The beautiful thing is that God does that with our lives. The Master Designer can take the broken pieces of our lives—the debris of the wreckage that’s left from trauma we thought had ruined us forever, and He can create a new and lovely work of art.

One thing is necessary, though.  You must give Him all the pieces.  Don’t hold anything back.  He, the Master Potter, can do wonders in our lives when we turn everything over to Him and let Him work.  He doesn’t need our advice.  He doesn’t need us interfering and trying to do the work ourselves. Just turn everything over to Jesus and see what He will create out of the broken pieces.  Will you let Him? His will for you starts fresh every day. He can turn your trash into treasure.

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