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February 4, 2019

I love meeting the people who’ve read the books I write because it’s an encouragement that the written words have blessed someone else.


Sometimes I’ll add, “You know, I read the books over again myself, because I haven’t learned all those lessons yet.”  I’m usually answered by a half-smile and an incredulous look that communicates they don’t believe me that I re-read my own books. But it’s true.  You see, most of what I write comes from reading God’s Word in my personal time with the Lord. The best way I can describe those times is that God seems to open a window on a verse in the Bible so that His light shines in, and He helps me begin to understand better what He is saying.


Then I think, “Maybe someone else could be helped by those thoughts, too,” and I jot down the ideas for a devotional selection for a new book.  But does that mean I’ve immediately learned the lesson God is teaching me? Oh, no--not in any way.  I’m a slow learner.  I have to read something again and again for the truth to become part of my life.


Like you, I’m on a journey toward understanding the life God wants me to live. And I certainly haven’t arrived yet.  I like to call it “a journey into grace.”


That’s why as you read your Bible, it’s a good idea also to journal.  If you do, you won’t waste any of the truth God is teaching you through His Word. You can go back and re-read those lessons over and over again.


We’re all seeking answers. So, take each truth God shows you, write it down and put it into practice.  And, yes, it’s okay--in fact, it’s a good idea to re-read what you’ve written.

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