December 22, 2021

Lay Your Brokenness In The Manger


You have all wisdom and do great and might miracles. You see the conduct of all people and you give them what they deserve. Jeremiah 32:18

Christmas, no, make that all of life, comes with a great big platter of expectations.  We expect that Christmas will mean gifts, cheer and goodwill.  In life, we expect that parents will love and protect children, marriage covenants will be kept and that doing the right thing will bring the right results.  But this is not always reality.  Sadly, Christmas can make the brokenness in our lives searingly more painful; like the young mother in the troubled marriage who realized one Christmas morning, after all the gifts under the tree had been opened, that there were no gifts for her.  Our hurts, our brokenness, feel like an extra heavy load to carry at this time.

The heart of the God of the universe was moved by our human condition of brokenness to give.  That gift was His only Son, whose self-declared purpose was to bring freedom and healing–He came by way of the Manger.  Today, if you’re carrying around the pain of being wronged by another, you can begin the journey of healing with a trip to the Manger.  God is the only Source of the perfect justice and complete healing that you need.  He invites you to leave your offender, leave the burdens of the offenses you are carrying, with Him.  Having given His Son, He will not stop now in bringing a work of healing to completion in your life.

Will you come to the Manger to lay down your brokenness and receive His gift of healing?


Resource reading: Isaiah 61:1-3