Stop Being Fearful! - Guidelines Devotional
September 7, 2020

Stop Being Fearful!


In 1938, as Bill and Mildred Dillon were sailing to England for ministry, a storm developed, and Mildred was scared.

Slightly more than year before, she almost lost her life when a tornado swept through Fort Wayne, Indiana.   She was buried as a brick smoke stack collapsed on the building. Not only was her back broken but two vertebrae were floating loose. The doctors offered very little hope of her living through the night, but if she did, she would never walk again.

Then, amazingly, routine pre-op x-rays indicated the loose vertebrae had returned to their positions, and surgery was no longer necessary.

Yet, her broken back required a full-body cast for two months, and then she had to relearn to walk. But she did, and 15 months later she and Bill set sail for their new ministry overseas.

When the storm developed in the middle of the Atlantic, God reminded her that He had been with her in the tornado and He was still with her in this storm. Finally, at 4:30 in the morning she felt assured of God's care, and a song formed in her heart that through the years has brought confidence to thousands:

Safe am I...

In the hollow of His hand,

Sheltered o'er...

With His love forever more.

No ill can harm me,

No foe alarm me;

For He keeps both day and night.

Safe am I...

In the hollow of His hand.[1]

They say the three cardinal rules of selecting real estate are: Location, Location, Location. What better location is there during any danger than being in the palm of God's great hand, for, as Jesus said, no one can snatch you out of our Father's hand (John 10:29).

[1] Wallace Alcorn, quoted in an email from Pastor James Gross,

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