November 23, 2022

The Law That Leads to Life


Your laws are my treasure; they are my heart’s delight. Psalms 119:111

Does the word “law,” have an ominous ring to you? “Obey the law, or else,” you may have learned as a new driver when a siren and flashing lights behind you, got your attention.

God’s law is something entirely different than man’s law. Scotty Smith says, “It’s important…to think of God’s law not so much as a bunch of rules we keep or break but as a design for relationship.”[1] Laws don’t usually make us think of relationship but that’s exactly what God wants with us.

God described the way to relationship with Himself, first, in the Old Testament of the Bible, in its first five books that are called “The Law.” Jesus fulfilled the requirements of that Law and changed the way man relates to God, offering relationship through Himself. But about itself, the Bible says, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us…” (2 Timothy 3:16).

David in the Bible was a man who understood God’s heart—what God valued, and he loved God’s law, writing, “Your laws are my treasure; they are my heart’s delight” (Psalm 119:114). David pointed out that God’s laws are sure to be true. “Your promises have been thoroughly tested. That is why I love them so much,” David explained (Psalm 119:140). Nothing else is certain in life! Again, David wrote, “Your regulations remain true to this day, for everything serves your plans” (Psalms 119:91).

Life is always changing—”the grass withers and the flower fades,” the Bible says, but the Word of our God—the law that leads to life, “will stand forever” (Isaiah 40:8).


[1] Smith, Scotty. “Dismantled and Delighted.” Ephesians:  The Love We Long For, New Growth Press, Greensboro, NC, 2020, pp. 28–29.