The Power Of Prayer In Problem Solving - Guidelines Devotional
April 26, 2021

The Power Of Prayer In Problem Solving


If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.  Matthew 21:22

Humans naturally want to problem-solve. We make our plans and then inform God how He can help us carry out those plans. Too often, our solutions don’t turn out to be God’s solutions. Early Christians struggled with this as well.

When Peter was unjustly imprisoned, the early church faced the difficult problem of how to get Peter out of prison (Acts 12). They could have tried storming the heavily guarded prision, by force. They could have petitioned for Peter’s release under their rights, if they were Roman citizens. Or, the church could have gone the lawless route and tried to bribe Herod, but God never encourages His children in deception or corruption. They could even have marched outside the prison creating awareness among the public of Peter’s unjust imprisonment.

Instead, Peter’s advocates did something seemingly illogical – they gathered to pray. Luke says, “But the church was earnestly praying to God for him” (Acts 12:5). Perhaps their enemies laughed at them. Yet prayer turned out to be highly effective. God heard and answered the church’s prayer and dramatically unlocked the prison doors to release Peter in the night. Even those fervently praying were shocked!

When we face difficult problems, it’s natural to look for solutions. But let’s look to God first! God’s solution might be quite different from yours. Prayer is not inaction, but an act of trust. We can still work toward resolutions, but never discount the power of prayer. God is not limited as we are.

Resource reading:  Acts 12:1-25

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