Use What You Have - Guidelines Devotional
January 18, 2021

Use What You Have


Speaker: Darlene Sala | Series: Encouraging Words | She lived in Joppa, a coastal town on the edge of the sparkling Mediterranean.  Day after day after breakfast she picked up her needle to create coats and garments that she had envisioned in her mind. The Bible tells us her name was Dorcas, and she “was always doing good and helping the poor” (Acts 9:36). Actually, we don’t know if she made clothing for the poor or rather used the profits from selling her handiwork to help them. But we know from scripture she was called a “disciple.”  And probably she was a widow, for when she died, the widows of the area came to mourn her death.

Dorcas would be terribly missed. So, two of the disciples were sent to bring Peter, hoping that through God’s miraculous power he would be able to raise her back to life so she could continue her sewing and her ministry.  And that’s exactly what happened. “This became known all over Joppa, and many people believed in the Lord” (Acts 9:42).

Dorcas had a needle and used it for God’s glory.

You may not be able to relate to this story at all. You’d tell me you’re a klutz when it comes to sewing. But you may be excellent at bookkeeping. Use your pencil for God.

Maybe you wouldn’t know what to do with an artist’s brush and oils. But you’re a wonderful cook. Use your spatula and cooking pans for God.

Perhaps you could never be a nurse because you can’t stand the sight of blood. But give you a couple flowers and a bit of greenery and you can create a lovely arrangement. Use your floral skills for Him.

Whether it’s a camera or a pen or a gardening trowel, use it to bless God and the needy people around you. Dorcas would tell you the good you accomplish will bring you far more joy than you would ever find using these tools only for yourself.

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