September 15, 2021

Where To Find The Presence Of God


And remember, I am with you always, day by day, until the close of the age. Matthew 28:20

Jesus promised His followers that His presence would always be with us. So why do we not always feel that presence?

Sometimes we’re looking for the wrong signs. What we expect the presence of God to feel or look like may not be how He chooses to share Himself. You might wait a very long time if you are hyper-focused on experiencing God’s presence as a physical force. God sets His own terms, knowing exactly what we need.

Another reason could be disobedience. If you sense God calling you one way or He’s been clear about something in Scripture, and you go in the opposite direction, God doesn’t abandon you, but you have stepped away His presence.

To feel God’s presence in your life, first dedicate your time to Him. Read God’s Word. Pray to Him. Listen with an open mind for His responses. Next, emulate Jesus with your actions. In doing God’s work, we cannot help but be in His presence. Practice serving others as Jesus served. Be humble, because the presence of God can be found in the lowliest of people, who we may never meet if we do not serve them in humility.

Jesus said, “I am with you always, day by day.” If we take that literally, and we can, His presence is close at hand. Ask Him to open your eyes to where He is in your life this very day. Be open to moving closer to where He leads you.


Resource reading: Luke 24:13-35