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When R. A. Torrey was a young man, he had no faith in God or the Bible.  His mother, however, was an earnest Christian and pleaded with him to turn…
My Dad used to tell the story of a time when he and my Mom were traveling some distance by car. It was long before the days of seatbelts, and…
I’ll give you a verse in the Bible covers anything and everything that will happen to you today. You find it in the little book of Philippians, chapter 4, verse…
My friend Georgalyn has always been an extremely busy lady. When her husband died at a very young age, she took over the full responsibility of raising two young daughters.…
Who is more valuable to God—an extrovert or an introvert? Most of us would say an extrovert, because those are the people with the outgoing personalities, the natural leaders, the…
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