How God Moved
through you


The Impact of Your Generosity in 2022

This is how you encouraged, equipped, and brought hope in Jesus to new believers, the unreached, and those living under persecution. You are shining the light of the Gospel in places of spiritual darkness by funding devotionals and audio messages in 25 languages, now broadcast in 149 countries.

See how God uses you beyond your borders and imagination!

Your Global Impact

New Believer
I am Hammad, director of an FM radio station in Iraq. We broadcast 24/7 and share Guidelines for Life programs in Arabic on radio and internet. We need the programs very much because almost every believer is a first-generation Christian. Even the pastors are all Muslim Background Believers. We need the input from mature believers and the programs help in discipling new believers.

Our listeners are coming to know Jesus and understand how to follow Him. This is what they say:

Marah: Thank you so much for the Bible verses that you send me, they encourage me so much and I am in longing to read the Bible. Marah is a very brave woman, being a Muslim and living in Mosul, former home of ISIS, asking for a copy of the Bible to be delivered to her is a big risk.”

The Persecuted
This is the story of God with me. For 17 years I studied to be an Muslim Imam and then I met Jesus. As a new follower of Jesus, I had many fears. My family was pursuing me to do an honor killing for changing my faith. I tried bargaining with God asking him to keep me safe if I told others about Jesus. But I discovered that my relationship with God is like a father and son. He did not keep me safe because I had kept some sort of deal but because of His love for me. I have now changed my way of thinking of God. And when I tell others about Jesus I remember that the God who lives inside of me can meet ALL of them! I kept getting arrested and held overnight—more than 150 times. All night long my jailers would ask about Christ and I would tell them my testimony. Some of my jailers came to Christ and now I have friends in places I never expected. Today I work with a partner ministry of Guidelines in my country.

The Unreached
Hello, I am a university student from Albania. First time I heard your program I was very interested and began to listen to the radio station daily. I come from a Muslim family by tradition but have never been interested in religion. I was going through some difficulties in my life and had many questions without answers.  The programs on the radio helped me to know God and answer my many questions. Later this year I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The radio programs had already filled me with true hope and convinced me that a life away from God was a wasted life. I’m the only Christian in my family and in my city, and have not shared my decision with anyone. Please pray for me that God gives me courage to share my faith. I will be giving a few solar radios to close friends and family members. Please pray for them to open their hearts and listen to the Word of God.

3 Year Mission Goals

Your impact is growing! We’re raising $3.2 over three years to cover:


Let’s ask God to inspire, fund, and guide the creation of discipleship resources that lead people to hope and life in Jesus! Sign up for our Prayer Team emails to know exactly how to pray every month.
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Persecuted and isolated believers around the world are encouraged by your messages and prayers. Share a verse or write a message by clicking this link and we’ll share it with persecuted believers around the world.

The costs of creating and broadcasting the devotionals vary somewhat by language. In general, a monthly gift of $80 will cover the cost to create one devotional program. That program will be used on repeat, on many different platforms, for years to come. Our content is available, free of charge, to anyone.

Your monthly gift makes it possible for ministry to happen most efficiently.

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About Guidelines

Our Mission
Since 1963, Guidelines International Ministries has shined the light of the Gospel in places of spiritual darkness through audio messages that encourage, equip, and bring hope in Jesus to new believers, the unreached, and to those living under persecution.

What We Believe
  • The entire Bible was given to man by inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it is God’s authoritative guide for life and living.
  • Humankind came into existence as an act of God. Every person is created by God in His image and is important to God.
  • Jesus was born of a virgin, the unique fusion of both God and man.
  • Jesus died for all of our sins, was buried and came back to life three days later.
  • Through faith in Christ alone we find forgiveness from our sins, are transformed into new people and receive the promise of eternal life.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in God’s people, giving them new life, enabling us to find purpose and meaning in life.
  • Every believer is to share the hope of the gospel. This is done through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the mandate of Scripture and the mission of Guidelines.

The Voice of Hope
for a Hurting World