Your generosity is helping to broadcast Guidelines devotionals in Chinese, sharing the hope of Jesus in China.

Language Stats

Number of Speakers


1.3 billion people worldwide, with 900 million in China

Where It's Spoken

Primarily in China and Taiwan, also across Southeast Asia

Mandarin Chinese – An Overview

While English is the most common language in the world—because many people learn English as a second language—, Mandarin Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world in terms of number of native speakers. Almost 1 billion people speak Mandarin, approximately 1 in 8 on the planet.

Within China, 40% of Mandarin speakers live in rural areas. Shortwave radio is ideal for reaching into these often mountainous regions, especially if the local population has no internet access or low literacy.

Story of Impact

Zhang in Guizhou Province says, “I was randomly selecting channels on the radio and found your program. I was very much touched when listening. I did not know how to describe my feeling. I felt overwhelmed yet soothing. I did not feel the same when listening to other things. I figured out that the programs were all related to the book ‘Bible’ and got to understand what Christianity was all about. Before I believed in Jesus, I was arrogant and thought that I was always right. God has gradually transformed and changed my life. I record the programs every day and listen to them repeatedly.”

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