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Guidelines has been involved in ministry in Mexico since 1973.

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Gama Canul: Missionary to Mayan People

Gamaliel and Ligia Canul have an international and interdenominational ministry. Currently they work with several churches on the Yucatán Peninsula, including some in the Mayan areas where no Spanish is spoken. Their ministries include evangelism, discipleship, and marriage seminars. The majority of their efforts, however, are focused on evangelistic and discipleship camps for children, adolescents, and couples. Gama directs several camps each year in Mérida, as well as three or four large camps each year in Cuba. Gama is a graduate of the Word of Life Bible Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in the 1990s planted three churches in México. 

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Government: Federal Republic
Capital: Mexico City
 120 million
Youth Demographic:  28% under the age of 15
Languages: Spanish
Religion: Roman Catholic 82.7%, Pentecostal 1.6%, Jehovah’s Witnesses 1.4%, other Evangelical Churches 5%, other 1.9%, none 4.7%, unspecified 2.7% (2010 est.)