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I’m a believer in Christ that for years can’t go to church. I can’t keep a Bible in my home or any other Christian book. My husband is a Muslim and he is a very angry man. I’m so thankful for the [Christian] programs on TV 7 and Radio 7 Kosovo. I can’t watch TV 7 when my husband is home, but I can listen to the radio on my phone. These programs have encouraged me in moments of despair when I didn’t want to live. Through the programs the Lord has given me strength and wisdom to go through many storms of my life. I remember one day I was very concerned for my son’s life. My husband was very violent to both of us because of our faith in Christ. He kept us isolated for days. In those moments the messages from the radio programs gave my spirit hope and strength to pray for a miracle for my son and me. God answered our prayers and we are both safe and happy to continue to pray to God together. I thank God for brothers and sisters like you.

As a new follower of Jesus, my family was pursuing me to do an honor killing for changing my faith. I brought shame upon my family and disappointed them. When my sister tried to smuggle me out of the family, she was beaten to death with a golf club.

I decided that I would go to my family to face them and not continue living in fear. So I went to my town. It was an 800 km trip and Satan tormented me the whole way. I imagined how my family would kill me. Would it be by a machine gun or knives? My support group kept sending me scriptures to encourage me.

As I arrived at my family home, my eyes were frozen on the door, waiting for my older brother to come out. My brother knelt at my feet on the floor weeping. “Why did you do this to yourself? To us?”

As we talked he said, “Don’t you know that I can kill you?” I said, “You can kill me now but I will be free from fear now.” My brother said, “You need to leave. I will ask of you one request: go to the main mosque and confess you were misguided and renounce Christ.” I told him I could not do that—that Christ is not like Islam where you can claim something false to escape.

My fear of my family was broken.

I have now changed my way of thinking of God.  He may not work the way that you expect. I do not debate with people any more like I would have as a student of Islam. Now I pray for the Lord Jesus to give me a key to share rather than trying to think of what ideology I can argue. The God who lives inside of me can meet ALL of them! 

I kept getting arrested and held overnight—more than 150 times.  All night long my jailers would ask about Christ and Islam and I would tell them my testimony.  Because it happened so frequently, I lost my fear and got used to it. Some of my jailers came to Christ and now I have friends in places I never expected.  We study the Bible together and talk regularly.

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