Philippines: Reaching the Urban Poor

Guidelines partners with local missionaries in the Philippines to reach people for Jesus. Last week, we spent our time in the capital city of Manila to get a first-hand update on the incredible work that they are doing.

Our first week in the Philippines, we were in the city of Tacloban to dedicate a new radio station and distribute radios to survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.

Our second week was spent working with ministries that we’ve partnered with for many years. Your prayers and support enable local Filipino missionaries to build ministries among the urban poor of Metro Manila. In a city of 12.8 million people, many communities can become invisible and neglected. These ministries help demonstrate the love of Christ in a very practical and tangible way, reminding people that they are not forgotten by God.

A Compact & Marginalized Community

Barangay Valencia is a poor barrio community in Metro Manila. Roughly one or two city blocks in size, the small neighborhood is packed with concrete and tin structures that are home to hundreds of people.

Radical Lives That Transform Others

Your donations help empower Joshua and Jessa Manalo, Guidelines missionaries who run the Barangay Valencia Ministry Center (BVMC).

The BVMC reaches out to children, youth and their families who live in the community. This includes children’s programs, youth sports and mentoring, and care and counseling for young and single mothers.

While we were there, we had the unforgettable opportunity to witness the baptism of eight teenage boys that Joshua has mentored and led to Jesus through the BVMC! Many of you have donated to help provide supplies for the boys basketball ministry that reaches out to troubled youth.

In addition, we hosted a party for children and their moms, which you also contributed the supplies and gifts to.

Despite having the ministry center burn down twice in the past 10 years, Joshua and Jessa are committed to the ministry and to loving their community. What’s even more remarkable is that they both grew up in Barangay Valencia and it continues to be home for them and their families.  The tiny building that is used for the ministry center is also where Joshua and Jessa live!

They are a truly dedicated couple who is practicing what they preach. They love Jesus, they love their community, and have given up everything to show the love of Jesus to their community.

You can show your support for Joshua and Jessa by donating directly.

Unseen on the Fringes

Metro Manila is a city of cities. It has multiple downtown centers that are crowded with cars and people. Yet on the outskirts of Manila are many poor communities that are often overlooked when it comes to resources. Even among churches and ministries, outreach efforts don’t make it to these communities.

Lives That Multiply

Pastor Onie Avante is a church planter. He believes that the local church should meet a community’s physical and spiritual needs, and that churches should be planting other churches.

Thanks to your support, Pastor Onie has helped plant over 200 churches throughout the Philippines, and has a goal to reach 300 churches by 2020. He trains leaders and pastors within his own churches, and then sends them out into new communities to plant new churches.

We were able to visit one of Pastor Onie’s newer church plants, where they were holding a children’s program. At the end of the day’s program, all the children and their parents received a free meal – for some, it’s the only meal they’ll eat all day.

You can partner with Pastor Onie Avante by donating directly for his ministry.

Thank you for your prayers for and support of Guidelines ministry in the Philippines.

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