How God is Changing Lives Around the World

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From Desperation to Hope

Meet Dimitar—a young man living in Macedonia, where Guidelines supporters like you helped start the first Christian radio station. Dimitar says: I was raised Orthodox ...
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Unity in Prayer

In Seoul, Korea, Christians meet for prayer every morning of the year. Many churches open for communal prayer at 4 A.M. This practice began during ...
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Language That Speaks to the Heart

Language is a powerful tool that connects people, conveys ideas, and creates culture. Our heart language is the first language we learn to speak when ...
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Not Forgotten: Why Treatment of Women is Different in Christianity

As Christians, we hold to the truth that all people are created in the image of God—both male and female. Today, in some countries, women ...
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Rejected, But Found in Jesus

My name is Sandugash and I’m from Kazakhstan. I am not married and I work at a store. When I was only about 6-years-old I ...
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Albanian Listener Shares Her Story

Valbona listens to Guidelines devotionals in her heart language of Albanian. She shared with us that radio is her only connection to God’s Word: My name ...
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A 100-Year-Old Tool Still Delivers Life-Changing Hope

Though some may think it’s obsolete, without this tool millions would never know the transformational power of the gospel. About 44,000 radio stations broadcast to ...
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