How God is Changing Lives Around the World

Get updates on how lives are being transformed around the world.

The Risk of Losing Everything

There are very few things in life that cost us everything. And even fewer that are worth it. But knowing Jesus IS to know life and life abundant, making it worth absolutely anything and everything. 

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The Good News that Transforms Lives

Throughout much of the Muslim world, women are powerless and trapped in societies structured to limit their freedom. What good news could there be for …

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The Journey To Christ For The Unreached

Muslims Seeking Jesus: The Journey Muslims seeking Christ face a world of challenges and threats. The decision cannot be considered independently from the rest of …

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What is the difference between the God of the Bible and the god of the Quran?

The Means of SalvationThe god of Islam requires man to reach up to him with no assurance of salvation. Muslims are expected to earn their …

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The Story Behind Translating the Gospel

According to John Piper, “Missions exist because worship doesn’t.” The goal of missions is to share the unspeakable riches of Christ’s love with every person …

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Super Typhoons and Salvation In A Suitcase

Radio is the primary form of communication in most developing countries and the most effective source of information during natural disasters and war. That’s why …

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What is the Great Commission?

Here at Guidelines, we often refer to the Great Commission as a crucial part of our mandate and mission. So what exactly is the Great …

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