A Man in Albania Turns from Violence

People around the world are broken and hurting. Often times that pain gets taken out on others, especially those closest to them. Those who haven’t experienced the light of Jesus can bring darkness into their own families.

Maksi lives in Korca, Albania, and comes from a Muslim background. He is married with three sons. Maksi often filled his home with violence. He would find reasons to begin fights with his family.

“I thought that violence was the only way to control my family,” he explained. “I never felt at peace as a person my whole life.”

Then Maksi began to listen to the Christian radio station of Guidelines’ partner, Radio Emanuel, where he heard Guidelines for Living and heard, for the first time, about God’s love for him. As he listened to the programs about God’s love, Maksi began to solve his problems in a different way. With God’s love and peace now in Maksi’s life and in his home, he now prays with his family members and they all ask for forgiveness of sins and for God’s peace in their family!

Love. It’s what distinguishes the God of the Bible from all other gods. A God of love, who has reached down to man with the light of life, is who millions of people in Muslim-majority countries are longing to know. Because God’s love transforms people like Maksi.

Hearts change. Behaviors change. Lives, families, communities, and nations are transformed.

There are millions of others just like Maksi who live in darkness. They don’t know a better way, and so they express their pain by hurting other people. But you can provide the hope they are longing for.

Radio programs like Guidelines For Living can transform lives by revealing the God of love, God who can break through their darkness with His light.

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