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Can a Cycle of Abuse End in One Generation?

Change Can Happen in One Generation

Habits and mindsets are hard to change, especially when they’ve been passed down from generation to generation. But Jesus can transform the heart and make all things new.

As people hear the message of Jesus multiple times through our devotionals, they learn how their faith should influence their actions. Look at this response we got from Almira in Central Asia:

“I am 32 years old, recently divorced, and raising a son. I worry that my son could end up like his father, abusive. Your broadcast today was very helpful. The use of indecent language today does have a negative impact on our children and is a real sexual insult to women. Thank you for talking about this matter.”

Almira wants to change the course of her family for future generations, starting with her son. Think about that – if her son can grow up with a respect for women, he will love his wife, cultivate a healthy family, and pass that on to his children. He will be part of starting a cultural shift in Central Asia.

This can happen if Almira can continue listening to Guidelines devotionals and teaching godly values to her son.

You can help shift the course of culture in Central Asia. Will you help provide listeners like Almira with the practical devotionals she needs to learn the wisdom of God?

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