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Guidelines was founded in prayer and we continue to move through prayer.

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Projects that need Prayer

We are asking God to inspire, fund, and guide the creation of discipleship resources that lead people to hope and life in Jesus! We’re raising $3.2 over three years to cover:

People that Need Prayer

We need talented translators committed to patiently communicating messages of hope across languages and cultural contexts. Please pray that they would be led by the Holy Spirit as they help us share Jesus with those who have never heard the Good News!

Please pray for the pioneering believers leading Christian radio around the world in regions considered unreached. These are often regions hostile to Christianity or experiencing war and conflict. Please pray for their protection and continued boldness to shine light in the darkness!

Please pray for us as we collaborate with believers around the world. We need direction, wisdom, and provision as we continue to disciple, encourage, and share Christ. May we know Jesus and bring Him glory as we make Him known in the nations!

Regions that need Prayer

We love partnering with believers worldwide, supplying them with the resources to go and make disciples of all nations. But much of our work focuses on countries totally or predominantly unreached by the Good News of Jesus. These also happen to be some of the planet’s poorest and most war-torn regions. We pray that God would move mightily in these regions and reveal the truth to hearts longing for the love and freedom that only come from Jesus! Click on the regions to the right and join us in praying geographically:

This is predominantly a Muslim area, although the practice of Islam is often combined with traditional African beliefs.
This region is the birthplace of Islam and remains the center of Islam, both politically and spiritually.
Hinduism, Buddhism, and government-enforced atheism are the major belief systems throughout Asia.

Discover a Personal Life of Prayer

Discover a Personal Life of Prayer

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