Hope on a Hospital Bed

Imagine being in the hospital this year, desperately ill with COVID-19, and far away from your home. That’s where Ana, an Albanian listener in Italy who heard Guidelines devotionals through internet broadcasting, found herself. This year, those devotionals have been more important than ever to people around the world. 

Ana wrote and said: 

“I had COVID-19 and those weeks were the most difficult in my life. I battled with depression while I was in bed with my oxygen machine. I want to thank you for all of your programs. Your programs kept me alive during those very difficult 4 weeks. One of your programs on how to overcome fear helped me a lot. You helped me overcome the fear of death for me and my family. Thank you for blessing my heart every day.”

Guidelines’ life-giving messages of hope came to Ana at a critical time in her life, when she was literally in a life or death scenario. Ana found encouragement because of your ongoing donations. You help us make these essential devotionals available so people can hear the voice of God when they need it most.

Will you help to ensure that next year, people have access to the hope of Jesus?

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