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Saved From Suicide – Testimony from Russia

Saved From Suicide - Testimony from Russia

Depression is a global epidemic that is on the rise. People are often in such despair that they see suicide as the only solution. When the darkness becomes so overwhelming, death seems to be the only relief from the pain.

Marina, one of our listeners in Russia, recently experienced this struggle:

“I was having difficulties in my life and some people told me, ‘Hang yourself and you will not bother your family anymore.’ Thanks to my husband, he came home in time and stopped me.”

It’s a horrible tragedy that other people could be so heartless to persuade her to commit suicide. But thank God her husband was there to stop her. God had greater plans for Marina.

“After this, I began listening to your broadcasts on the internet and I understood that God saved my life because He loves me. I will continue to listen to Guidelines because my soul needs it. Please pray that God will give me peace and comfort.”

Thanks to Guidelines streaming devotionals, Marina found a reason to continue living. But it’s not an instant recovery. She knows she still has a lot of healing to do, so it’s essential that we continue streaming our devotionals so she can hear.

But Marina is not the only one. Millions of others in Russia and around the world suffer from depression with no hope in sight. Many are committing suicide because their despair.

They need to hear that God loves them. They need to hear that their lives are worth living. We need to continue sharing the message of Jesus with them.

Will you help share the hope of God to those who are living in despair?