Young Man is Saved from Fanatic Islam

Your generosity is bringing people to salvation all over the world.

Through your support, Guidelines devotionals are often shared in countries that are hostile to Christianity or have very few Christian resources.

Recently, you helped us establish “Radio 7,” a Community Radio Station that is broadcast from a secret location in the Balkans.

Here is a message we received from a young listener named Egzon:

I come from a Muslim family and I used to follow Islam very fanatically together with some friends from our neighborhood. I was doing my best to be a devoted Muslim. I stopped celebrating with birthdays and weddings. I filled my mind with YouTube videos that confused me more.

Media is the current battleground for the heart. Egzon was being told lies and led astray by internet videos. That’s why Guidelines produces devotionals that are broadcast in multiple forms such as radio, podcasts, and internet video – we are stepping into this battleground for the kingdom.

I went into depression and I lost the desire to live after loosing one of my close friends in an accident. I began to listen to Radio 7. I didn’t know it was a Christian radio station otherwise I would have not listened to it.

Guidelines is very strategic with media partners. We broadcast in places that don’t have much Christian influence. Our devotionals offer practical life advice which often hooks listeners in. Egzon would never have chosen to listen to Christian content, but through God’s guiding hand and our life-giving devotionals, Egzon was brought to this station and liked what he heard.

A sense of peace I could not understand filled my heart. I was in such a dark place and I was desperate to see light at the end of the tunnel. I searched for a Bible and I found one that I read secretly. Because of programs on Radio 7, I can understand better what I read in the Bible. I’m amazed at the picture of Jesus. He sounds unreal. I opened my heart and asked him to forgive my sins.

Isn’t that incredible? Even before he fully understood the Gospel, Egzon was filled with an indescribable peace, a peace that only Jesus could bring. And as our programs helped open his eyes to Jesus, he soon opened his heart to Jesus. As Egzon described, the idea of a Savior who forgives and brings peace is absurd and unheard of in his culture. Jesus does sound unreal, but he is very real to Egzon.

In the last month I have tried to open discussions in my family about faith and Christ, but it is very difficult. I want to share the truth I have with my friends and family but haven’t had the chance yet to do so. I still go to the mosque on Fridays because I do not want to be a scandal for my friends and family. I would love to visit a church in another town some day but I’m not ready yet.

Sometimes we take for granted how safe it is for us to practice our faith. The simple freedom we have of going to church is a risky endeavor for Egzon in his country. He wants his friends and family to know Jesus also, but that will be a great challenge for him.

Other than his Bible, Guidelines devotionals are his only source of spiritual guidance and encouragement. That’s why it’s so crucial for us to continue broadcasting in his country – so that Egzon can grow in his faith and so that one day, his friends and family will also open their hearts to God.

You can be a vital part of bringing the light to darkness and expanding the kingdom of God.

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