A Teenager is Inspired to Reach Other Youth in Albania

Teenagers are a difficult age group to reach, but when they connect with Jesus, they are on fire.

Klodi lives in Erseka, Albania. He first heard about Jesus when he was 12 years old. His family had heard the Gospel for the first time and were learning how to follow Jesus.

Yet like many teenagers, Klodi was rebellious. He faked being a Christian, but often got into a lot of trouble at school. One day in his late teens, he got expelled from school for his behavior.

He was afraid of facing his parents when he got home, worrying that they wouldn’t accept him. But to his surprise, Klodi’s father hugged him and said, “Klodi, because Jesus has forgiven you, I will forgive you as well!”

At that moment, Klodi experienced the love of Jesus for the first time and prayed to follow him. But everything wasn’t instantly different. Klodi still had difficulty changing from his old ways and lifestyle. As he says:

“Nevertheless, I had to face challenges in my life. Becoming a Christian, it doesn’t mean that life would be perfect. Satan tries to win us back.”

But Klodi isn’t alone. Along with the support of his family, he also has Guidelines For Living devotionals to help in in his faith. He listens to them on Radio Emanuel, our partner radio station in Albania:

“Radio Emanuel has been a great blessing to feed my soul with great teaching from the Word. Among these programs, I choose Guidelines For Living, which has helped me understand practical aspects of life. Because this program speaks on family subjects, I’m very happy to learn more how to respect my parents, my family, and how to be a devoted son.”

Understanding how God wanted Klodi to live helped him to put away his old self and put on the new self. Not only is he becoming a better son, but he now has a passion to reach others as well:

“Now my desire is to serve to the youth of Erseka, and I know that God can touch and transform their hearts as He did with me.”

God’s Word has the power to transform lives completely. And for many people like Klodi who live in places where there are very few Christian resources, radio becomes the only way they learn more about following Jesus.

If you want to impact the lives of many more teenagers like Klodi, and equip him with the tools he needs to reach them, you can give to share the message of Jesus through media. When you donate, you enable these life-transforming devotionals to continue being broadcast on radio stations around the world.

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