COVID Nurse Finds Hope in Albania

While people all over the world have experienced fear and stress during these past few months, nurses and doctors face these emotions on a different level. We recently received as message from Floreta, a nurse in Albania who listens to Guidelines devotionals on the radio.

Every day, she goes to her hospital in the city of Korca to care for the influx of COVID-19 patients. As you can imagine, it’s a stressful job. Let’s hear from her:

I’m listening to Guidelines For Living program in Macedonian language for daily wisdom and revelation. The program has been a source of hope and courage for me to keep my mind sane and to work every day at the hospital with the assurance that God will be my protection.

The Macedonian people are an ethnic minority in Albania. But thanks to your support and our partnership with Radio Emanuel, we’re able to translate Guidelines devotionals into the Macedonian language so the word of God can reach them.

That’s how Floreta is able to hear messages of hope in her own native language. She continues to describe how dire the situation is in Albania:

Albania was closed on March 9th due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the people were in quarantine, but doctors and nurses have had to fight on the front line. I have been working the whole time, and to be honest I have been scared many times, for myself, and for my family, because I was exposed to the virus every day. There have been many voices in my mind making me feel hopeless, and powerless.

She is a hero on the front lines putting not only herself in danger, but also her family. It’s not surprising that she can start feeling hopeless when she has to face these issues every day. That’s where Guidelines devotionals on Radio Emanuel became a lifesaver:

One day, I tuned in to the radio and I started to listen to Radio Emanuel. To my amazement I was listening to different news. All I was listening to and hearing on other media was bad news, but Radio Emanuel had a message of hope. Ever since that day, I have been listening regularly to this station, and my favorite program is Guidelines For Living, (one of the reasons, because the program is in Macedonian language). I’ve learned that God is in control, nothing happens by chance. We are not controlled by the circumstances of life; we must surrender to Jesus in faith. The Word of God has been my comfort during these days. God has been my strength. I thank you for what you do!”

Despite her challenging career in the midst of this season, she is learning to find hope and strength in Jesus. Floreta can continue hearing these timely and essential life-giving devotionals in her own language of Macedonian. It’s made possible because you believe that that people like her should have the opportunity to know God.

Will you donate so we can continue sharing the hope of Jesus in Macedonian and other languages around the the world?

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