Overcoming Uncertainty and Finding Jesus

As our world continues to change and new crises emerge, there is a lot of uncertainty. People around the world face similar challenges and struggles, both in their personal lives and as a result of global changes.

As Christians, we have confidence in Jesus who gives us the strength, hope, and peace to face whatever may come. But can you imagine the despair someone might feel not knowing there’s a God that loves them?

That’s why Guidelines shares devotionals around the world, including Albania where only 16% of the population is Christian. Through our ministry partners, we broadcast on radio and stream online.

We recently received a response from Najada, a woman who listens to our devotionals on the internet:

I found out about your program through a post online. There was a question, “Why should I believe in Jesus?” I have asked that question many times before.

In Albania, many people like Najada are often curious about Jesus and have a lot questions.

I clicked the link and heard a message about not letting my heart be troubled during times of uncertainty. For the first time, I heard a message so simple and yet so profound. At that moment I felt like I was carrying a lot of weight and I decided to believe that my life can change.

Even though she does not know Christ as her Savior, she is still impacted by His teachings. She is set on a different course now, one leading towards God.

I am learning how to believe in Jesus and stop letting my heart be troubled. Please, help me get to know Jesus more!

Because of these devotionals, Najada had the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus and now she is yearning to follow Him. There are many others just like her.

This is why your support is so important. People right now are spiritually open and seeking, and we have a window of opportunity to share the hope of Christ with them.

Will you give so Nadaja and others like her can hear more about Jesus?

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