Empowering a New Generation of Christians in Mongolia

Where there is no other Christian voice on radio, Guidelines plants Community Radio Stations so people have the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus. Broadcasting the Gospel on radio is crucial in regions where there is persecution or few Christian resources.

One of these places is Mongolia. While under the decades of Communism, the government enforced a strict prohibition. It wasn’t until after the 1990’s, after the fall of Communism, that the first believers emerged.

They are the first generation of Christians – there were no other Christians before them. They have no one to look to for guidance and are figuring out this new faith on their own.

On top of that, Mongolia is a very rural country. Cities are scattered across the landscape, with many people living nomadic lifestyles far from urban areas. As you can imagine, this makes sharing the Gospel very difficult.

For years, we’ve partnered with local radio stations to broadcast our devotionals. Radio has the power to reach across vast areas and share Jesus with those who are out of reach.

In late 2018, we were able to help launch a new Community Radio Station in Choibalsan, the fourth largest city in Mongolia. Thanks to your prayers and generosity, we were able to step into this opportunity and broadcast to over 44,000 people.

These opportunities to reach people with the Gospel often have very small windows, and we want to be ready when God provides the next one. Will you help us prepare for the next Community Radio Station by donating today?

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