Building His Kingdom in the Middle East

People all over the world have the chance to hear the Gospel through Guidelines devotionals, which are shared on radio and the internet. We also invest in helping plant new radio stations in places that don’t have any other Christian voice on radio.

Christianity is a very small minority in Middle Eastern countries like Turkey, and is often accompanied by persecution. Yet even in this hostile environment, God opened a door for us to join in building His kingdom there.

We asked you to help us be a voice of peace in the Middle East, and you answered that call. Because of your generosity, we built a Community Radio Station in the city of Mardin, Turkey.

This radio station will ultimately broadcast in in four languages: Turkish, Arabic, Syriac and Kurdish. Presently, our devotionals are heard in Turkish and Arabic. In addition to covering Turkey, the airwaves are able to reach into neighboring Syria and Iraq.

Very rarely do opportunities like this come up, but when they do, your generosity enables us to be ready to take new ground for the kingdom.

God is about to crack the door open on another hard-to-reach country very soon, and we want to be ready to follow His call. Will you help us prepare?

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