Finding Faith & Restoring Family

Families will always experience tension and conflict. For people who don’t know how to manage it, and don’t have God to help guide their actions, family conflict can be destructive.

Included in the wide-range of topics that the Guidelines For Living devotional covers is family. We know these devotionals have been beneficial for you and for people around the world.

In Cambodia, we partner with “Family Radio” to broadcast these devotionals in the Khmer language, and we receive testimonies about how they’ve been life-changing for families.

Sun Heang lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Here’s how her family situation used to be:

In the past, I had family problems and I felt hopeless. I felt frustrated, angry, and emotionally unbalanced. One day, I tuned into the radio discovered the Family Radio station.

Many of us can probably empathize with Sun Heang. The issues we have with family can take a toll on us personally. But she was able to find our ministry partner, Family Radio.

The program host said that anyone who wanted to believe in God should give their life to Him. I called Family Radio and dedicated my life to God.

Our incredible ministry partners led Sun Heang to address the most important relationship of all – the one between her and God. When she found her peace in Jesus, all her other relationships began to change.

I started to attend church and listened to Family Radio regularly. Family Radio encouraged me and taught me to be joyful. Now I am forgiving of my husband, feeling fresh, and whenever there is a problem I offer it to God. I listen to the “Guidelines for Living” program online and I thank God for such a great program to teach and guide me daily with the Word of God, and to encourage me. I count Family Radio as a teacher because listening to the station gives me a new life. Through hearing, I can share the gospel with my children and friends so they can believe in God.

Through your generosity, Sun Heang was able to come to faith in Jesus and be develop better relationships with her family. Your support of Guidelines devotionals are helping grow her new faith, along with impacting many others just like her in Cambodia and around the world.

Will you help impact more lives in Cambodia and other countries by making sure this life-giving devotionals continue to be broadcast?

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