Guidelines International Ministries

Trapped and Alone in Winter

Nataliya is an elderly woman in Latvia who has a difficult responsibility. In the long, cold winters, her situation becomes harder from isolation.  Perhaps you too have been feeling isolated this year, unable to be with those that you love because of the cold, hard reality of the pandemic.  For many people, Guidelines devotionals are a spiritual encouragement for their day. For some people, they are a critical lifeline.

Here’s how Nataliya said she is helped by Guidelines devotionals:

“I always look forward to your broadcasts and listen to them with great attention. I live with my adult daughter who has been handicapped from childhood. We live in a village far away from any church. I’m old. So I sit here with my daughter through the whole long winter. If the weather is good, I sometimes walk a mile and a half to the nearest village. There are several believers there. We pray and fellowship together. Often I feel terribly lonely. I hope now you understand why your programs are so important to me.”

Caring for her daughter is an immense burden. Finding a spiritual community is physically challenging. And now, during the winter, Nataliya faces loneliness. These devotionals are her connection to the outside world, to her Christian family, and to God. They are essential.

You may be burdened, without spiritual community and lonely. We are praying for you!  We hope the Guidelines devotionals are a lifeline to Jesus and warmth to your soul like they are for Nataliya.  You can give to help share them today.