From Desperation to Hope


Meet Dimitar—a young man living in Macedonia, where Guidelines supporters like you helped start the first Christian radio station. Dimitar says:

I was raised Orthodox and never understood that I could connect to God on a personal level. I never understood I could connect to God on a personal level.

One day, while driving, I came across your programs on the radio. This station sounded very different to me, and the music was inspiring.

I was so desperate and with no answer to issues in my life. I started to listen to your station and I received comfort and answers to my most concerning questions. One of the programs that taught me every day is Guidelines for Living.

My thinking toward Jesus changed. During this time, I started to share about the programs with my parents, but they said they didn’t want me to listen.

I felt rejected and persecuted within my family. My parents had not experienced the same freedom and truth I had experienced by knowing God on a personal level.

My prayer today is to share this light with other people and my parents. I thank you for your programs and for reaching our community across the borders. Your programs have impacted me!


Now, you have the opportunity to help build the first Christian radio station in Serbia.

Guidelines has a God-given opportunity to help bring the first Christian radio station to Serbia and we need your support.

Starting a new radio station is a significant investment, but God has already laid the path ahead. That’s why we are trusting God to move in every heart to fund the $50,000 needed for this first-ever Serbian Christian radio station that will become a beacon of hope for a hurting country.

Will you partner to build the first Christian radio station in Serbia for others like Dimitar? Your gift will deliver God’s message of hope.

Together, we can let others know that religion does not make us free, but a personal relationship with Jesus does!

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