He’s Learning to Be a Different Father for His Children

Most parents raise their children the way they were raised.

If they had a healthy childhood, they are more likely to pass that on to their children. But if they had an unhealthy childhood, the toxic and destructive habits they learned will become part of a generational cycle…

…unless something changes.

The words of Jesus can transform all areas of life, including family relationships. In Albania, where we broadcast Guidelines for Living devotionals on radio, families are re-learning relationships through the context of God’s love.

Ola, a listener from the city of Lezhe in Albania, sent us this response:

I grew up in an atheist family. I was so desperate at one point because I saw myself repeating the same behavior with my children as I saw in my dad. I was treating my children in a way that did not honor God. I didn’t know any better.

Like many parents, Ola was just repeating what he learned. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a good example growing up. But thanks to the radio programs, Ola is now learning how to love his family the same way God loves him.

Your program Guidelines for Living has blessed our family tremendously. I have learned through the program how to be a man who unconditionally loves his family. Thank you for all the series on marriage and parenting. I am a better parent today because of you. Thank you for helping us understand the heart of our Heavenly Father and lead our families in a way that honors His name.

Thanks to your support, Ola’s children will grow up being loved by a godly father, and will also learn about the love of their Heavenly Father. This will ripple through their family and community for generations to come. Through your ongoing generosity, families can experience the love of Jesus and learn how to share that love with others.

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