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How the Gospel is Redefining Parenting in Cambodia

Parenting is difficult. Parents know this all too well. Even with the vast amount of parenting material available in the US, we still struggle with raising children. Imagine how much more difficult it is in countries where those resources don’t exist.

Parents raise their kids based on how they were raised. If there was an unhealthy family environment, that cycle passes on to the next generation.

That’s why it is so vital to teach parents how to follow God and love their children. Guidelines For Living devotionals regularly address these topics.

These devotionals are translated and broadcast in many countries, including the Khmer language in Cambodia. They air on a partner station known as “Family Radio.” The Guidelines devotionals that focus specifically on parenting are in a special programs series called “Train Up a Child.”

Guidelines programs are transforming the way parents raise their children, which has a directly impacting the the next generation of Cambodians. Take a look at some of the responses we’ve received from listeners:

I have been listening to the “Train Up a Child” program and I like it. It encourages me to teach my children how to be good people. It also teaches me to be patient and to not get angry so quickly with my child. Thank you!

Phorn from Phnom Penh in Cambodia

I am so thankful for Family Radio, it is a source of energy for my daily life. When I’m not at work, I always listen to Family Radio. The “Train Up a Child” program helped me become a responsible father – taking care of my children from God, teaching them to walk in God’s ways, and loving them. May God bless the teacher, who is cultivating thinking and teaching the next generation, and may God bless to Family Radio. Thank you!

Chann from Sensok Phnom Penh in Cambodia

I’m very happy with Family Radio. I listen to the “Train Up a Child” program and it helps me understand many things. This parenting program taught me how to discipline children in the right way and is helping me have a good relationship with my children. It also reminds me that God is working in my own life as a child of God. I have been telling my friends to listen to Family Radio as well, because there are mixed programs including general education, children, youth, and family programs. God bless Family Radio more and more!

Chiva from Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia

Your prayers and generosity have helped change parents and families in Cambodia with the teachings of Jesus. Through your continued giving, more parents around the world can reflect the love of God to their children.

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