Khadicha’s Story

Here’s how Khadicha, age 36,  said she is helped by Guidelines devotionals:

“I married early in life, not knowing that my husband had a relationship with another woman and a child with her. When I asked why he lied to me about the other relationship, he simply said that his parents did not approve of her and he married me just to please his parents. Our relationship was quite challenging. Our first child was a daughter. He was unhappy and wanted a boy. The second child was a boy. However, that did not change much. He started to drink a lot. Physical abuse was also common. I think he kept hitting me, hoping I would simply leave him. It has now been 6 years since our divorce. It was good to get out of that abusive relationship. Nevertheless, this betrayal took all the joy for living out of me. I lived for my children only. Of course, my children also suffered because of my unhappiness. A few months ago I found your radio station. Each broadcast filled me with unexplainable hope. It brought me back to life. Your words of truth are reforming my entire life…”

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