Why Monthly Giving Matters

How can you have the greatest impact for the kingdom of God?

You can carry out Jesus’ final words on earth – “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Unreached people who have never heard the Gospel need the opportunity to hear. New believers in the faith need guidance to be discipled and to mature. And those living under persecution need the encouragement to stand strong and share their faith with others.

You can impact the world for eternity by bringing the voice of Jesus to a hurting world. Together with Guidelines, you can send practical biblical content in their very own language to those who need to hear it most.

Guidelines devotionals are translated and shared in over 20 languages around the world on radio and internet. They’re broadcast multiple times a day, every day.

This is important because many unreached people need to hear the Gospel message repeatedly as they complete their journey to salvation. New believers need to be taught consistently to really take hold of their faith. And those living under persecution listen secretly to what may be their only access to the Bible.

Consistent gifts make it possible to provide daily encouragement that is a lifeline of faith for listeners. By giving monthly, you ensure that people around the world continue hearing the message of Jesus, every day, of every week, of every month, throughout the entire year. (For this, make each time frame appear one at a time as it is spoken, listed vertically but leave them all up)

Make a kingdom impact by making sure that people get the opportunity to hear God’s voice clearly, often and without barriers. 

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