Planting Seeds of Faith in Palawan

At Guidelines, we share the message of Jesus in countries all over the world. But we focus our greatest efforts on reaching those who don’t have the opportunity to hear.

We do this through Community Radio Stations.

These stations are established in partnership with local organizations in areas that have no Christian voice. They are managed and voice by the local community, and provide practical programming along with spiritual teaching.

Our very first Community Radio Station was established in 2014 in Palawan, is a rural island in the Philippines. The station airs on the frequency 106.3 DZRK, reaching about 40,000 people living in the area.

As a “community” radio station, the programs provides value to its listeners, who are primarily farmers and fishermen, through teaching farming and agricultural lessons.

One listener commented:

“The radio program gave me valuable information about farming. I’m a farmer and the program taught techniques on farming and proper fertilization. This resulted in a good quality harvest. I used to rely on my own knowledge of farming but it often resulted in failure. I feel that the lessons I hear are wisdom from our Lord Jesus.”

DZRK sits right next to the Luke Society Clinic, which provides urgent medical care to the community. Dr Susie from the clinic will often be a contributing voice to the radio station, providing vital health information.

Dr Susie’s husband, Pastor Ben Cayaon, leads a group of local pastors who help share Christian teachings on DZRK’s programs.

The lineup of practical programming coupled with Christian teaching makes this Community Radio Station extremely effective at reaching Palawan with the messages of Jesus.

Palawan was the first of four Community Radio Stations that we have planted around the world, reaching people who don’t have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Will you donate to help plant the next Community Radio Station?

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