Broadcasting in Secret from the Balkans

At Guidelines, we share the message of Jesus through radio programs that are broadcast around the world. However, we focus our efforts in places that need it most.

Through our Community Radio Stations, we’re able to share the Gospel in regions that have no other Christian voice.

One of these places is a country in the Balkans, the location of our second Community Radio Station. In 2015, we partnered with Media 7, a local radio station in the neighboring country of Albania.

The majority of people in this Balkan country are Muslim.  Less than 4% is Christian, with very few churches and Christian resources available.

As this Community Radio Station broadcasts the truth of Jesus, it faces serious challenges. Our partner has received threats in the past from ISIS, and the station must broadcast from a hidden location.

This is one of four Community Radio Stations that we have planted. Will you help us reach more people with the message of Jesus by donating to plant the next one?

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