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Pray for Salvation for My Family – Testimony from Russia

When you encounter Jesus, you’re filled with a joy that you want everyone to experience. You long for those closest to you to know God as well.

We received a testimonial from Veronika, who listens to our Guidelines For Living internet program in Russia:

“Dear friends, I listen to your broadcasts on the internet. Thank you very much for your amazing programs that led me to the Lord. I am so glad that I found Jesus through your broadcasts and I talk to everybody about Guidelines because I want people to receive salvation through Jesus Christ. I became a Christian and now I pray for salvation for my family. Please help me with your prayers; I want my entire family to serve the Lord.

This amazing testimony shows how Jesus can fill the heart with overflowing joy. Veronika just can’t contain herself and tells everyone she knows about Jesus. But those closest to her, her family, are the ones who she desire most to know and serve God.

So we will continue sharing our devotionals. For 55 years, we’ve transformed lives with the message of Jesus, just like Veronika. As we look forward into the future, we hope to impact more lives, like Veronika’s family.

Will you join us in celebrating by helping deliver the message of Jesus to those who need to hear it?

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