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Pray for Salvation for My Husband – Testimonial from Ukraine

When the Jesus radically transforms your life, you’re filled with a hope and love that is unexplainable. You begin displaying the love of God towards other people, even those that hurt you.

We received a testimonial from Valentina, who listens to our Guidelines For Living radio broadcast in Ukraine:


“I am a new listener and I like your programs very much. Listening to Guidelines, I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus as my Savior. I know that you pray for people and God answers your prayers. Please pray for my husband who left us and now lives with another woman. Pray that God will help us save our marriage. Pray for salvation for my husband.”

This is an incredible testimony of how Jesus can transform the heart. Even when she is betrayed and experiencing deep pain, she still prays for her husbands salvation. She is thinking of the one day when her husband will also experience the deep love of God.

So we will continue sharing our devotionals. For 55 years, we’ve transformed lives with the message of Jesus, just like Valentina. As we look forward into the future, we hope to impact more lives, like Valentina’s husband.

Will you join us in celebrating by helping deliver the message of Jesus to those who need to hear it?

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