Spiritual Answers for the Middle East During Quarantine

While fear and anxiety has gripped the world, God is sending hope and peace through His people. One region we are seeing God’s Spirit work during this pandemic is in the Middle East.

Last year, your generosity helped us launch a radio station in Mardin, Turkey. The town is on the border of Iraq and Syria, and able to broadcast Guidelines devotionals in those regions.

Even though the quarantine in Turkey is limiting activity, our radio station partners are determined to be present for the community they serve. Here’s what they reported to us about their plans:

During these dark and difficult times, our team strives to be a hand of hope. One exciting new program starting especially for this time will be done in conjunction with church leaders in Mardin. Through this program, listeners will be able to ask questions and request prayer. It is a crucial time for our team to be actively spreading the hope and peace of Christ Jesus through our broadcast and connecting people to churches.

When there is a lot of fear and despair in the news, people are desperately searching for hope. They are asking questions and reaching out to the only people who have the answers – the Christian radio station:

Currently people are reaching out to us through social media with various prayer requests and many are also requesting Bibles! Some have even called asking for directions to church. Even in the most hopeless days, God still works. We are seeing the number of Syrian listeners increase (they continue to contact and ask questions)! We pray that He will continue to bless this ministry and use what we do for His glory!

Praise God that there is a voice in Mardin to share the peace of God during this chaotic time. It’s only through your prayers and ongoing support that the hope of Jesus can be shared in the Middle East and around the world.

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