Feeding Body and Soul During COVID-19

While Coronavirus has impacted almost everyone financially, it’s most devastating in poor communities where people are hungry. In the Philippines where Guidelines is partnered with many community ministries, there is great need and great opportunity.

Our partners work in poor rural and urban communities where people already struggle with survival. Many are day laborers – the work they do and the money they earn during the day is used to feed their families that evening. Any interruption to that work would mean going hungry.

So when COVID-19 hit, these communities were devastated. As the economy and daily activity came to a grinding halt, so did their income and their ability to provide for their families.

In addition to sharing the message of Jesus, we also want to tangibly share the love of Jesus. Through your support, Guidelines was able to send funds to our ministry partners working in these communities. They were able to purchase food and distribute it to those in need.

Here’s the report one of them gave:

“We are grateful to Guidelines. We are grateful for the help that you gave to a church in dire need. Most of the church members are fishermen and farmers. When we brought the food items to the members’ homes, they were so joyful and praised God for answered prayers. A total of 28 families received the gifts.”

Thanks to your generosity, people don’t have to go hungry – physically or spiritually. You are God’s answer to their prayers.

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