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You Can Change Culture in Central Asia

What does it take to change a person’s mind?

What about their actions?

Is it possible to change the culture of an entire region?

What if it’s been around for generations?

In Central Asia, deep-seated cultural traditions are hurting women and children. Practices like bride kidnapping, in which women are abducted and forced into marriage, are socially acceptable. Domestic violence is rampant and often results in death.

But Jesus can transform the heart and make all things new.

In Kyrgyzstan, we’ve been broadcasting the message of Jesus daily on radio stations across the country and reaching millions. These programs draw people into a relationship with Jesus and teach new Christians how to live out their faith, including how to respect and care for their families.

As Christianity is a minority religion in most Central Asian countries, these daily radio programs are essential for believers who have very few Christian resources. And now, we have the opportunity to expand the reach of our devotional programs into Kazakhstan to reach millions more.

People need to hear messages multiple times before they sink into their hearts. And those still on a journey towards Jesus also need to hear the Gospel multiple times before they come to faith. That’s why it’s so crucial that we broadcast our devotional programs consistently.  The next message they hear could be the one that changes everything.

We’re asking you to step up and join us in taking ownership of sharing the Gospel in Central Asia and around the world.

You can provide the voice that speaks daily into the souls of people longing for God. You can help change mindsets and culture for generations to come.

It just takes faith and commitment.

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